We sold the first edition of 1000 copies of Matchbloc so quickly, it took us by surprise. We have now printed a second limited edition of 1000.

The book is a collaboration between collector (and one half of Maraid Design) Jane McDevitt and designer and stationery retail star, Neal Whittington of Present & Correct. As you might hope, each of the 400 (and more) matchbox labels in the book gets a page of its own. The labels date from the 1950s to the early 1980s and come from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, Hungary and Germany.

The matchbox labels feature all sorts of fabulous, interesting things, from toys and tots, to cooks and coffee. From performing animals to brutalist buildings. From war and washing machines, to space and beyond. But, most importantly, each label in the book is a graphic joy to behold. And the book itself is a stylish and comprehensive addition to any bookshelf.

Paperback measuring 165x115mm. 421 Pages.